Here at KNJ, we love what we do and we want to share that with you! We've received numerous requests for classes and workshops and who knows what the future may hold in that regard. For now, we're excited to offer 1:1 (one on one) mentorships classes for those interested in either furthering the knowledge and experience of the wedding & design industry OR those looking at getting into the industry and want to further their understanding and experience in floral & event design. 

The 1:1 mentorship will take place in 3 sessions: The Business of Design, The Art of Design & The Execution of Design. Participants will get personal training on how the planning side of the business & hands on floral design training, all culminating in a styled shoot using the floral we created together. We love the idea of being able to interact, one on one with each student from start to finish, creating a truly customized experience each time. 

1:1 Mentorships are available starting now.  Contact us for more information here.



Attendees will get one on one access to learn Kaleb's signature approach to floral design, with hands on training on how we create compote arrangements, personal flowers and lush bridal bouquets. Each 1:1 will include abundant access beautiful, locally sourced floral and include training on tablescaping, using your custom centerpieces



You will get an in-depth look at our planning and coordination processes, including building a planning timeline,  how we orchestrate a rehearsal, and how we build a day of timeline. You'll also get access to a Q&A session to ask Kaleb all the questions you may have for him.

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One of signature offerings is our styling services. From paper goods, to wedding day details, we'll show you our approach to creating the perfect flatlay. We'll also show you how we create our styling boards, so you can leave with a custom double sided board with your choice of fabrics to continue styling flatlays like a pro.