Jordan & Trevor | Woodinville Lavender Farm

There's something I've always admired about people who aren't afraid to approach strangers to give them a compliment. It's bold, risky and when done right, has the intention of pure, uninhibited kindness. It's beautiful and in this case, opened the door to what's become a great friendship. About 2 summers ago I was headed out to Roche Harbor Resort for a wedding. My team and I we're hanging out on the ferry, enjoying the beautiful view as we sailed through the San Juan Island in the Northern corner of Washington State. I got up to grab some coffee and was approached by a rather attractive and stylish couple. Trevor reached out his hand and complimented my leather jacket. I laughed, as we were basically wearing the same outfit- leather jacket, ripped jeans and suede boots. It was the perfect lead in to an easy conversation. We hung out the rest of the ferry ride and found out we have a bunch of mutual friends and go to the same church, just different campuses. Fast forward a year and a half and I had the privilege of getting to plan and design their intimate, lavender field wedding. Jordan and Trevor are two of the kindest, most sincere people I've met and getting to be a part of this day was an honor. Their love for each other and their community was so evident that night as they each took time to toasts their guests before kicking off a killer dance party. Their wedding remains one of the most meaningful, emotional and heartfelt weddings I've done to date, something that wouldn't surprise anyone who knows the two of them well!

 Jordan and Trev, love you both! Thank you for having me part of your wedding day! 

Venue: Woodinville Lavender Field | Photography: Sara Rogers Photography | Catering: Deru | Cake: Nu Flours | Paper Goods: Libby Tipton | Rentals: Cort Party Rentals | Hair & Makeup: Makeup With Me

Botanical Inspired Shoot

Sometimes you find inspiration in the strangest of places and in the most unique objects, which I find myself on a continual search for.  Sometimes you find this in distant travels, across oceans and long stretches of road, but sometimes you find it in your own backyard...literally! My parents have this amazing 100 year old home in Kirkland. Washington. Before they owned it, it was a 7 acre dairy farm with a central farm house and a series of buildings on the property where everything from milk processing to fruit was stored during harvest season. One particular out building was where the farmer and his wife stored their tools and personal belongings, almost like a garage, without any vehicles in it. The amount of dust and debris always kept us from really exploring deeper into this building, until my parents decided to turn it into a guest house years later. I still remember a bright and warm Saturday morning, one Summer, my dad got me and my brother to help go through the "shed" and pull out anything worth grabbing before it was demoed the next day. We found a series of old tools and farming equipment amongst a bunch of stuff that just appeared to be trash..but beyond the main room was a small door that lead to a closet. I believe this is where the farmer's wife had her stash, as we found a series of old hats, books, perfume bottles and apothecary related items. I was in heaven! After dusting everything off, the real fun began! I found everything from medicine bottles for different animals on the property, to a collection of vintage toothbrushes, to a beautiful vintage bottle of Chanel No.5. These findings, amongst the trailing ivy that had grown in through the dusty windows set the stage as the inspiration for this shoot. Many of the items used in the shoot were from this shed and are items that hold great nostalgia to myself, as they give a glimpse of a simpler life that was lived on this property before we had the privilege of moving in. Enjoy these stunning photos from Ali Mae Photo, as you take a trip down memory lane with us. 

Photography: Ali Mae Photo | Hair & makeup: Melissa Korn | Paper Goods: Libby Tipton | Model: Lauren Alexander | Table: Seattle Farm Tables 

Anastaysia and Anton

Anastaysia and Anton's wedding was about two beautiful things- celebrating their love for each other and their love for their community. Throughout the entire process, the guest count seemed to climb, as they couldn't imagine celebrating without their people- we even had to have a special tent extension created so we could have everyone together! I loved that!

This wedding was full of so much heart and working with them was truly a pleasure! Also can we talk about how stunning Anastaysia is? Look at her and that dress...amazing! Also, I think we need row boats and swans..always! Happy one year anniversary (ok, a little over a year) my friends! So glad I got to be a part of your big day. Enjoy these beautiful images from the lovely, Lora Grady Photography