Ali and Evan's "Styled" Engagement Shoot

There is only one thing that beats getting to see one of your best friends get engaged and that's getting to plan and design their wedding!  Ali has been a close friend of mine since high-school. She is the life of the party and you can always expect to laugh when you are with her.  She is also one of the most genuine and real people that I know.  Basically she's straight up awesome and an amazingly talented photographer! I've had the pleasure of working with her on about 15 of my weddings and I love the peace of mind I get when I know she's behind the camera. There's just something awesome about getting to work alongside one of my favorite people all day. Make sure to check her out at Ali Mae Photography. 

Recently, Ali brought a new fella onto the scene. Of course I was skeptical at first because no one's ever good enough for your friends. Plus, knowing Ali's standards, the level of awesome she set seemed rather lofty. But Evan is exactly that- a lofty level of awesome.  He is a solid dude and perfect for Ali.  I won't give away their story because I will let you read about it when we post about their actual wedding!  So keep your eyes peeled in the months to come for Ali and Evan's wedding post. We have some exciting plans in the works and can't wait to see where it all goes. 

So technically, Ali and Evan weren't quite engaged yet, but I was approached by another one of my good friends Jonathan Taylor Sweet about collaborating on a new project together. I immediately thought of A&E and knew a little practice couldn't hurt. Working with Jon was awesome- he's hysterical and just about sacrificed his shooting hand to get the right angle for a shot. We're excited, because we are also designing his wedding this fall! 

The shoot turned out pretty spectacular, which isn't that hard when you have a gorgeous couple in front of the camera and a talented photographer behind (or I guess both in front and behind). Prepare to be stunned! And remember, stay tuned for both Ali and Jonathan's weddings this fall.

And huge thanks to Cave B Inn for hosting us. Their views of the Columbia River and stunning grounds are hard to beat.