Is This Real Life? | The Mrs Box

Do you ever have those moments in your life that you know, at any moment, you're going to wake up from this dream, come back to reality and be totally bummed...well I had one of those, but it was real life and basically all my dreams came true!

This past January I got a call from my friend Joel and he asked if I was familiar with The Mrs Box. I jokingly asked "Have you ever looked at my Instagram page, they're basically in every photo?" But for real, they are. I was pretty sure The Mrs Box team thought I was some crazy stalker who needed calm down and lay off the flatlays for a while. But to my surprise, Joel assured me that it was in fact quite the opposite and my minor obsession actually opened the door to one of the coolest projects I have had the pleasure of being a part of in my career thus far. For anyone who doesn't know, The Mrs Box is a beautiful handmade, vintage velvet ring box that is taking the wedding industry by storm. These incredible little boxes may seem small, but the expert craftsmanship and quality of each box is making them a enviable company, causing crafty moms and brides alike to ask the ever frustrating question..."uh, why didn't I think of that?"

Fast forward to this past February and I was on a plane to Santa Barbara to offer my styling services to a team of industry pros that had me feeling incredibly nervous and inexperienced. We're talking sweaty palms, spending hours packing because I couldn't figure out what to wear for the next 3 days and the occasional cold sweat because, ladies & gentlemen, THE Jose Villa was shooting, along with the incredible Joel Serrato (we are not worthy...), plus Kiana Underwood of Tulipina was overseeing the floral. Three powerhouses in the wedding industry were about to be shooting and styling and little old nothing Kaleb Norman James was somehow supposed to show up, play it cool and act like I was worthy of being in the same room. But luckily for me, I was met with the kindest, most accepting people when we all met up the night before for dinner. Immediately I felt accepted and part of the team because of the amazingly kind, beautiful, genius of a superhero that is Summer Watkins, the creator of The Mrs Box. When we initially talked on the phone in January, she told me not to bother coming if I wasn't super cool and didn't have a great sense of humor- that should have told me what I was in for, because I've never had this much fun working before. This team was a dream. For 2 days, we started working at 7am and didn't finish 'til the sun went down and even then I wasn't ready to stop! And my friends, I haven't even mentioned my saving grace and lab partner in crime, Megan Gonzalez of MaeMae & Co. She is a one of the greatest humans on this planet and kept me laughing, hydrated and entertained the entire time. I guess it's good that both Summer & Megan have already husbands, because I'd probably make them become my sister wives or something, because they're just that great. (TMI?)

Ok, I will stop talking and get to the amazing photos that Jose & Joel took of the flatlays I had the pleasure of creating for The Mrs Box's release of their latest collection. Also, how amazing are these rings from Shapiro Diamonds? Enjoy!